Mobile City and Disaster Relief Services

Kelly & Company is one of the leading mobile city and disaster-relief operations in the United States providing a solution to house, support, and sustain your remote workforce anywhere in the nation.   Logistics, turnkey housing, and onsite management is our specialty!

We have over 15 years of experience to prove it!

There When You Need Us

Whether it’s a construction site, natural or man-made disaster, Kelly & Company understands how critical response time is.  We have responded to emergency situations in as little as 2 hours by providing valued and tested disaster planning, utilizing expertise and providing all amenities necessary for quickly unfolding events.  For more than a decade, relief efforts have trusted Kelly & Company to provide housing and amenities for their employees as they rebuild infrastructure damaged during hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and man-made disasters on a short or long term basis.

Nationwide Disaster Response


  • Hurricane Charley Florida
  • Hurricane Frances Florida
  • Hurricane Ivan Florida
  • Hurricane Dennis Florida
  • Hurricane Katrina Louisiana, Mississippi & Florida
  • Hurricane Rita

  • Hurricane Wilma Florida
  • Hurricane Gustave Louisiana
  • Hurricane Ike Mississippi
  • Hurricane Isaac Louisiana
  • Hurricane Sandy New York
  • Hurricane Matthew Georgia and South Carolina


  • Georgia

Ice Storms

  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma


  • Louisiana

Man- Made Disasters

  • Oil Spill Restoration  Louisiana
  • Other Mobile City Relief Efforts

Help is on the way in as little as two hours

Kelly & Company’s professional and seasoned team provides immediate assistance to help get everything back on track.  When there’s a malfunction or natural disaster, we utilize expertise, innovation and flexibility to determine the best possible solution to satisfy our clients’ specific requirements.

Missouri Natural Disaster Relief Solutions

How we provide natural disaster relief in Missouri

Kelly & Company’s disaster relief solutions in Missouri come in a variety of forms. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals focus on:

  • Mobile housing: When first responders report to an area to provide service, they need living accommodations. Kelly & Company provides Missouri disaster recovery that includes mobile city capabilities. We can house and support anywhere from 100 individuals to 3,000.
  • Logistics: The aftermath of a disaster can be a logistical nightmare. Not only are there many different factors to consider, but damage to a community’s infrastructure can also provide additional challenges for first responders. Kelly & Company offers Missouri natural disaster relief that handles the logistics for our clients.
  • On-site management services: From keeping our mobile housing facilities OSHA-compliant to providing clients with means of telephone and internet communication, Kelly & Company offers a full range of on-site services and manages them in order to be effective for those that are utilizing them.

Kelly & Company has a rich history of providing high-caliber Missouri disaster relief solutions. In fact, while our company is based here in state, we have satellite support hubs and assets located throughout the United States. This has made us one of the leading names in disaster relief assistance throughout the entire country.

Kelly & Company has provided key support services for workers that have responded to some of the nation’s most devastating disasters — both man-made and natural. This includes everything from tornados, hurricanes, ice storms, flooding, chemical spills and more.

Plan with Kelly & Company

We have over 15 years in business and our staff is comprised of professionals that combine for decades of experience. This is knowledge and expertise that we devote to creating a comprehensive disaster relief plan for our clients and executing on it quickly and efficiently.

Many companies and organizations rely on our services and solutions for non-emergency projects, as well. We provide the infrastructure needed to house and support an on-site workforce in any type of project setting.

Contact the dedicated staff at Kelly & Company and learn more about our Missouri natural disaster relief services and solutions. We can help you install an effective plan for when the unthinkable strikes.

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