When it comes to Arizona disaster relief mobile housing, it’s important that you protect your workforce with solutions that emphasize safety. When first responders move in to a disaster area to pick up the pieces, they face a variety of hazards.

With Kelly & Company and our disaster relief mobile housing in Arizona, our clients get to utilize safe, effective solutions to support and sustain their workforce. We have been providing Arizona workforce mobile housing for emergency and non-emergency situations for over 15 years. We harness this knowledge and experience to provide your company or organization with the resources it needs to facilitate a mobile workforce of up to 3,000 individuals.

Workforce mobile housing in Arizona that emphasizes safety

The goal of Kelly & Company and our Arizona disaster relief housing is to not just house, support and sustain an on-site workforce, but to do so safely. This means a variety of things:

  • Our team works with an OSHA consulting firm to ensure that our Arizona disaster relief mobile housing solutions adhere to all current OSHA safety regulations.
  • We have OSHA-certified team members on site at our disaster relief mobile housing in Arizona to ensure a supreme level of safety.
  • All employees receive an official employee manual, safety manual and OSHA safety training handbook to ensure proficiency in safety.

Kelly & Company has over 15 years of experience deploying mobile housing in Arizona and elsewhere throughout the country. We have provided direct support for first responders to some of the most high-profile natural and man-made disasters. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide ultra helpful resources for workers.

Learn more about the capabilities of Arizona disaster relief mobile housing by consulting with the dedicated team at Kelly & Company. We have services and solutions that can ensure you are prepared to accommodate an on-site workforce.

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