Recent flooding events have certainly brought the importance of California flood relief assistance to the forefront. You may have read or witnessed the Oroville dam breach that put thousands of residents at risk of major flooding. This is a stark reminder that natural weather disasters aren’t the only challenge facing first responders providing flood relief assistance in California.

Kelly & Company team members are experienced, professionally trained, and ready to deploy California flood disaster management troops within a few hours notice.

Kelly & Company is prepared to respond and support

We can’t always recognize or predict the severe weather that leads to flooding, nor can we ignore potential man-made flooding events. To provide flood disaster management in California. we have to be prepared for nearly anything on many different terrains.

Kelly & Company has experience in rapid deployment of mobile cities in all types of terrains and flooding areas. Our California flood relief assistance is there with the mobile technology and personnel to support and sustain first responders and their work. We provide you with a dedicated safety officer to see to the security of your temporary set up.

Providing a mobile command center for first responders

When Kelly & Company deploys our assets to provide flood relief management in California, we provide the structure to begin problem-solving. Our mobile command center comes equipped with everything you need to begin gathering information.

The mobile unit is self-sustaining with 15 beds and a four-computer station set up. We can get you reconnected to emergency help and family search lines with our mobile internet satellite and cell towers. From there, decisions can be made about the next steps.  How much shelter and housing is required? How many people may need medical treatment?  How will you get drinking water to the community?

Trust our expertise

Every situation is unique and requires real attention to logistics and rapid deployment of a California flood disaster management plan. We have the experience, equipment and technology communities desperately need when faced with a flooding disaster. Call Kelly & Company today at 877.746.2642 and let’s begin the discussion about California flood relief assistance.

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