When first responders are on the scene of a man-made or natural disaster, they require resources for support — and Kelly & Company meets this important demand with our California disaster relief mobile housing.

Kelly & Company has spent over the last 15 years providing private sector and government entities with reliable disaster relief mobile housing in California. We offer quick deployment of our equipment and can create a self-contained, mobile city that houses up to 3,000 individuals.

Reliable California workforce mobile housing

Kelly & Company not only provides first responders with workforce mobile housing in California, but we also team with clients to provide these services for non-emergency situations, as well.

Our mobile housing in California can be used by construction companies, oil drilling operations and more, who are tasked with supporting and sustaining a mobile workforce.

With Kelly & Company, we can deploy our California disaster relief mobile housing and re-deploy it as you see fit. We are in the business of customizing a plan to meet the specific needs of a disaster recovery effort or corporate project.

Support your workforce with disaster relief mobile housing in California

Kelly & Company has a rich infrastructure of equipment, staff and vendors to provide our clients with everything they need. Our California disaster relief housing can contain almost anything you might specify — from climate controlled sleeping quarters, laundry facilities, bathrooms, showering units and more.

The best part is that Kelly & Company utilizes our decades of combined experience to manage these services for you. Your workforce can trust that their needs are taken care of so they can focus on the task at hand.

We invite you to learn more about Kelly & Company and our California disaster relief mobile housing. Connect with a member of our staff.

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