Florida hurricane relief – it’s vastly important when responding areas hit by these strong forces of nature. Some of our nation’s worst hurricane disasters have occurred in Florida and climate news indicates that there will be an increase in severe weather and in sea levels. This combines to put human lives, homes and communities in direct danger.

First responders and municipalities all around the state can turn to Kelly & Company for Florida hurricane emergency supplies and relief.

Offering support for critical relief efforts

When it comes to hurricane emergency relief Florida residents are perhaps more well-informed and prepared for survival and cleanup than most. Boarded windows, bottled water, extra batteries and power supplies are at the top of any list of Florida hurricane emergency supplies.

But what happens when the damage goes beyond a power outage or a downed tree?  That’s where Kelly & Company First Responders come in. Take a look at what we can do for your community.

A comprehensive suite of services and solutions

We know that water delivery and removal can be an important challenge facing a storm-damaged area. With flooding comes the possibility of contaminated water.

  • In part, Kelly & Company’s Florida hurricane relief can include fresh water tankers, potable water stations and pump trucks to remove gray and black water from various sites. This is most important in stopping the spread of illness or exposure to dirty water.
  • We can erect big top tents for multi-use scenarios — a place to gather to find family members, a place to share information, a dining hall or a temporary shelter are all well served by our big tents.
  • We can also provide facilities for showering and laundry. We can house personnel involved in infrastructure repair or search and rescue.

Our provision of hurricane relief in Florida is available within hours of an emergency call. While it is difficult to sort out priorities during the chaos of a crisis, Kelly & Company has the experience to lead you through and assist in the supervision of our mobile city. Contact us today to see what our staff can do for Florida hurricane relief in your community.

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