If you work for a municipality, utility company or construction firm in the South, you are no stranger to the need for Florida disaster relief mobile housing. The southeastern region of the United States is particularly prone to natural disasters, including floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even man-made problems such as oil spills.

When you live in such a risky part of the world, you need reliable disaster relief mobile housing in Florida to keep your workers rested and refreshed. Restoration is simply part of life on the Gulf Shore, and Florida workforce mobile housing can help your community get back on its feet in no time at all.

 How we see Florida disaster relief mobile housing

At Kelly & Company First Responders, we know just how important your choice in disaster relief mobile housing in Florida can be. You need a reliable provider that can offer workforce mobile housing in Florida immediately — within hours of a disaster’s strike. Kelly & Company is that reliable team.

We have deployed Florida disaster relief housing to the area dozens of times since 2004, and we have proven our trustworthiness for communities in Florida time and time again. Would you believe that we can completely set up your mobile housing in Florida in just hours? In addition to sleeping facilities, toilets and showers, our logistics group can assemble:

  • Mobile communications centers and Internet capabilities
  • Equipment such as forklifts and skid-steers
  • Tents, laundry facilities and meeting halls
  • Communications equipment and presentation materials
  • And other amenities you need to keep your workforce in tip-top shape

Kelly & Company isn’t reserved for emergency situations. Many companies utilize our housing and logistics service to set up mobile living quarters for their workforce when they are needed on the site round-the-clock.

Your employees and volunteers work hard — and they deserve the best in Florida disaster relief mobile housing. Keep your team members comfortable, refreshed and ready to work with our climate-controlled sleeping trailers and fully functional shower and toilet facilities. Ready to create your community’s custom plan? Contact us today to get started!

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