When disaster strikes — whether it’s natural or man-made — Kelly & Company is a trusted organization that many turn to for Georgia disaster relief assistance. For over 15 years, we have been providing crucial on-site housing and support services for responders that are picking up the pieces left behind by a disaster.

With our Georgia disaster relief management, you can have a plan of action when the unthinkable happens. This is important because, once a disaster strikes, there is no more time to plan — you need professionals that will quickly deploy and provide the crucial services that first responders need.

Offering disaster relief assistance in Georgia for a variety of scenarios

Disasters come in many forms, but they primarily share one thing in common — they can cause significant destruction. This is destruction that needs to be repaired quickly by first responders and our disaster relief management in Georgia allows them to do that.

Our Georgia disaster relief assistance services are ideal when your workforce is responding to the destruction that comes along with:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Floods
  • Oil spills
  • Chemical spills
  • Ice storms
  • Wild fires
  • And more

With our Georgia disaster relief management, we can have an entire mobile city deployed within a matter of hours. We are based in Missouri but have assets located throughout the Midwest and the rest of the United States. This allows us to quickly and effectively deploy to respond when needed.

Our services include everything from providing workers with a climate-controlled area to sleep in addition to showers, hand washing, meals, toilets, drinking water, mobile command centers, cell phone towers and more. These are completely self-contained solutions that sustain and support your remote workforce.

Get a plan in place with Kelly & Company

Whether you are planning for the event your organization responds to an emergency or simply could use the resources of our Georgia disaster relief assistance for your non-emergency project, we invite you to consult with our staff and learn more about what Kelly & Company has to offer.

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