The primary mission for Kelly & Company and our Kansas disaster relief assistance is to provide the necessary resources that allow first responders to effectively address the needs of a community on the heels of a man-made or natural disaster. This can mean everything from mobile sleep stations and on-site housing to laundry, shower, bathroom and other facilities and on-site management services.

Our Kansas disaster relief management is centered on mobile housing and on-site support services and solutions. In as little as a few hours, Kelly & Company can deploy an entire mobile city to a work site, ready to facilitate workers.

With our disaster relief assistance in Kansas, we create housing and on-site management solutions that are:

  • Safe: We want workers to be safe while they labor in these disaster areas. They can be surrounded by hazards and Kelly & Company does its part to shield them from these dangers.
  • Comfortable: From our climate-controlled sleeping areas to our many other amenities, our disaster relief management in Kansas keeps workers as comfortable as possible while they are deployed to these remote work sites.
  • Sustaining: Our clients can work to customize their Kansas disaster relief assistance, making sure it includes everything that will support and sustain their workforce. We have an extensive infrastructure of equipment and resources that is ready to deploy for those we work with.

While our Kansas disaster relief management has been put to good use both here in state and throughout the rest of the country, Kelly & Company also provides services that are worthwhile for non-emergency situations. Any time you need to house and support an on-site workforce, Kelly & Company can put our expertise to work for you.

Allow our Kansas disaster relief assistance to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your needs will be met even during times of crisis. Contact Kelly & Company and learn more about our service.

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