It takes significant resources to properly house and support a remote workforce, but Kelly & Company meets these extensive demands with our Louisiana disaster relief assistance.

For the last 15 years, Kelly & Company has specialized in housing, supporting and sustaining mobile workforces with our Louisiana disaster relief management. Whether workers are onsite to respond to the effects of a hurricane, tornado, flood or chemical spill, Kelly & Company provides the resources they need to do their jobs.

Our disaster relief assistance in Louisiana provides first responders with what they need to during these often-chaotic times. This includes:

  • Housing: From climate-controlled, mobile sleeping units to full-scale job site housing, Kelly & Company offers disaster relief management in Louisiana that is capable of housing a small city of workers. We can create a mobile city that accommodates up to 3,000 individuals.
  • Hygiene: Our Louisiana disaster relief assistance includes resources such as showering facilities, portable toilets and mobile hand washing stations. It’s important that members of a mobile workforce are able to remain clean and sanitary throughout the process.
  • Communication hubs: It’s important to stay connected these days, which is why our Louisiana disaster relief management offers such resources as mobile command stations, mobile cell phone towers and more.

Our resources go beyond this — from forklifts and water tankers to skid steers and pump trucks — we provide all the equipment needed to facilitate the necessary work.

A proven form of Louisiana disaster relief assistance

Kelly & Company has a reach that expands throughout the United States. Our team has directly supported response efforts for some of the most notable disasters in U.S history. We also lend our logistics mastery to companies and organizations that are undergoing projects that require an on-site workforce — we’re not reserved for emergency scenarios.

Talk to Kelly & Company and learn more about what we have to offer with our Louisiana disaster relief assistance.

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