When your organization needs a plan for Louisiana flood relief assistance, Kelly & Company is here, ready to get to work. If your organization deploys some of the first responders to an area decimated by a disaster, we can provide the resources to support and sustain your workforce.

Hurricane Katrina taught us the life and death importance of flood disaster management in Louisiana and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Kelly & Company’s Louisiana flood disaster management team members say having a personal plan for your family is important. When it comes to assisting the entire community, you can turn to Kelly & Company and our Louisiana flood relief assistance.

We have a plan and all the necessary facilities to get a city or town moving again after a disaster. When we plan for flood relief management in Louisiana, we know that, along with flooding, we will be facing storm damage from hurricane winds, and we might be facing potential oil spills.

Rescue missions and fresh drinking water are the first order and Kelly & Company provides clients with these in a matter of hours. Our Louisiana flood disaster management team has fresh water tankers and potable water stations on hand to deploy immediately.  Big top tents perfect for check-ins, dining halls and temporary shelter can be quickly erected.

Kelly & Company’s Louisiana flood disaster management has a fleet dedicated to mobile communications and mobile command. Cell phone towers, satellite internet antenna and complete mobile command center can be the first thing on the ground so that workers can begin communications.

Let’s face it, a lot has to happen for effective flood relief assistance in Louisiana and it all has to happen at once to save the greatest number of people, pets and homes. Kelly & Company’s Louisiana flood relief assistance team has the experience and equipment to bring order to the aftermath of a storm.

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