When most people think of Louisiana hurricane relief, their thoughts immediately turn to Hurricane Katrina. So many lives changed forever — so many lives lost — it was one of the most costly hurricanes in Louisiana history. What we may not remember is that Katrina was the third of four hurricanes to hit Louisiana that season in 2005.

All of those hurricanes brought their own types of damage and challenges when they made landfall. Kelly & Company and our hurricane relief in Louisiana has had boots on the ground for over a decade.

Trusted hurricane relief services since 2004

Kelly & Company was founded in 2004. We have discussed, practiced and developed plans for disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. When Katrina hit the very next year, we deployed our personnel and mobile units to distribute Louisiana hurricane emergency supplies.

The hurricane damage and flooding were nearly overwhelming. Since that time, we’ve have had 10-plus years to continue developing the quickest methods to alleviate the greatest needs all within a matter of hours of the first emergency phone call. We take each experience and use that to inform our next efforts in Louisiana hurricane relief.

Housing, supporting and sustaining flood relief workers and municipalities

During this year’s hurricane season, if presented with the need for a hurricane emergency relief Louisiana team, you can expect aid quickly with the personnel to get camp, water and food set up quickly. Our climate-controlled sleeping units house 36 beds, have interior lighting and feature electrical outlets for charging devices. Our mobile shower units come equipped with up to 26 private showers.

Our mobile laundry facility can handle over 80,000 pounds per week. These quarters can be procured for displaced residents, medical practitioners, infrastructure workers or even search and rescue teams.

Fresh water is one of the most important Louisiana hurricane emergency supplies and we can tackle that problem on several fronts — fresh water tankers, potable water stations and wastewater pump trucks to ensure the sanitary flow of water for all in the disaster zone.

Call Kelly & Company now at 877.746.2242 to begin your Louisiana hurricane relief plans.

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