Welcome to one of the leading names in Massachusetts disaster relief assistance. We are Kelly & Company, and we provide the logistical solutions needed to house, support and sustain a mobile workforce as it responds to the aftermath and destruction of a man-made or natural disaster.

If you are a private sector or government entity that specializes in responding to disasters, our Massachusetts disaster relief management services will provide the necessary resources that allow your workers to perform efficiently and effectively.

What we do at Kelly & Company

Our disaster relief assistance in Massachusetts centers on mobile housing and on-site management services. Workers that re-locate to a disaster area temporarily require many amenities — ideally the same level of amenities that they would get at home.

This can be a logistical challenge, especially when the destruction from a disaster is significant. With Kelly & Company’s disaster relief management in Massachusetts, we provide such services as:

  • Housing: From our on-site housing features to the more basic mobile sleeping units, we provide workers an opportunity to get the rest they need when they are not out working.
  • Hygiene: Our Massachusetts disaster relief assistance can include mobile hand washing stations, shower units and toilets. We also have mobile water pumps and water tankers to manage this important resource.
  • Communication: It’s important for workers out in the field to stay in communication with their team or employer. Kelly & Company offers mobile command center capabilities, satellite internet antennas and cell phone towers.

Kelly & Company can quickly and efficiently create a mobile city that houses up to 3,000 individuals. These are workers that will have the necessary resources to remain ultra effective while they work to restore an area from disaster.

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Customize your Massachusetts disaster relief assistance plan by working with our experienced and helpful staff. Utilize our extensive infrastructure in either emergency or non-emergency scenarios.

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