Whether you require Mississippi disaster relief assistance to facilitate your workforce onsite of a natural or man-made disaster, or you simply have a project that requires a remote workforce, the team at Kelly & Company provides the resources and capabilities to support it.

Here at Kelly & Company, we have been providing Mississippi disaster relief management for over 15 years. We have a team of professionals that bring expertise to the planning and execution processes of disaster relief management.

We provide this disaster relief assistance in Mississippi for companies and municipalities that must house, support and sustain a mobile workforce to respond to the destruction that accompanies disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, fires, flooding, chemical spills and more.

Scalable disaster relief management in Mississippi

Whether you need to house and support a few hundred workers or an entire mobile city full of them, Kelly & Company has the solutions and infrastructure to do so effectively. With our Mississippi disaster relief assistance, we can:

  • Deploy housing and on-site management solutions to the disaster site in as little as two hours.
  • With our Mississippi disaster relief management, we can create a mobile city to house up to 3,000 people at one time.
  • Kelly & Company is able to deploy and re-deploy these resources as you see fit.
  • Deploy to anywhere in the United States. While Kelly & Company is based in the Midwest, we have strategic assets available all throughout the country to help us respond to emergencies all around the U.S.

From housing, bathroom and showering facilities to mobile command centers, fork lifts and mobile cell phone towers, we have the resources needed to help your workforce complete the work at hand effectively.

Learn more about this crucial brand of Mississippi disaster relief assistance by contacting the team at Kelly & Company.

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