When it comes to Montana disaster relief assistance, it’s important to work with an organization that acts quickly and efficiently. While it might sound like a worn out cliché, during emergency scenarios, time is truly of the essence.

That’s why Kelly & Company offers Montana disaster relief management that quickly deploys mobile housing solutions and other crucial on-site management services for the companies and municipalities that we work with.

The key to fast-acting disaster relief assistance in Montana

Kelly & Company has worked hard to design a service that offers quick responses to a variety of scenarios — from tornados, hurricanes and mud slides to man-made disasters, such as oil or chemical spills.

We’re able to provide quick-deploying disaster relief management in Montana thanks to our:

  • Robust infrastructure of equipment and workers. While our Montana disaster relief assistance service is centrally located in the Midwest, we have satellite support locations all throughout the country, which allows us to respond anywhere quickly. We also work with a variety of dependable vendors for food, water and other supplies.
  • Tested disaster planning. The aftermath of a real life disaster is not when you want to test the effectiveness of Montana disaster relief management. Kelly & Company has experienced men and women on our team that have carefully tested our disaster planning services so that they are ready when you need them.

Within a matter of a couple hours, Kelly & Company can deploy even relatively intricate housing and on-site management solutions to house, support and sustain your workforce. We can deploy to the site and re-deploy at a later time, as well.

Consult with Kelly & Company about our services

Kelly & Company works with companies that find themselves responding to emergencies or that simply need the logistical expertise of housing and supporting an on-site workforce for a private project.

Our Montana disaster relief assistance is some of the most trusted in the nation. Contact our team to make sure you have resources ready when a disaster strikes.

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