Kelly & Company provides highly reliable and effective Montana disaster relief mobile housing solutions to support and sustain a mobile workforce that is responding to the effects of a man-made or natural disaster.

During these scenarios, it is vital that first responders have the accommodations needed to aid them in their work. With our disaster relief mobile housing in Montana, we provide workers with things like:

  • Climate-controlled sleeping quarters
  • Bathroom, hand washing and showering facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Mobile satellite internet antennas and cell phone towers
  • Generators and mobile power plants
  • Big-top tents
  • And more

Our Montana disaster relief housing has been utilized by both private sector and government entities in time of crisis. It is important for first responders to move in and repair the infrastructure following a disaster and our Montana disaster relief mobile housing allows them to do so.

Accommodate a remote workforce with our mobile housing in Montana

Kelly & Company doesn’t just work with first responders. Our workforce mobile housing in Montana is ideal for any project where a remote workforce is needed. We provide our Montana workforce mobile housing solutions to construction companies, drilling operations and many more corporate clients.

Part of what makes our disaster relief mobile housing in Montana so effective is that we offer quick deployments — we can have mobile housing facilities set up and functioning in as little as two hours. Kelly & Company can accommodate as few as 100 workers and create mobile cities to house up to 3,000 individuals.

Whether your workforce is tasked with responding to a devastating disaster or has a long-term project that requires a mobile workforce, consult with Kelly & Company and learn of the many benefits that come with Montana disaster relief mobile housing.

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