Welcome to Kelly & Company, premier providers of Nebraska disaster relief assistance. For the last 15 years, a long list of companies and municipalities have counted on our knowledgeable and experienced staff to provide the logistical support needed to accommodate first responders for both natural and man made disasters.

Kelly & Company offers Nebraska disaster relief management that will promise to be:

  • Fast acting: When you work with Kelly & Company for disaster relief assistance in Nebraska, you can plan on quick deployments. In fact, in many scenarios, we are able to deploy our mobile housing and on-site services within a couple hours.
  • Rooted in extensive knowledge: The men and women behind our disaster relief management in Nebraska have been in this line of service for decades combined. We can design a service package that fits your unique needs and makes sure there is an air-tight plan in place.
  • Proven: Kelly & Company has provided Nebraska disaster relief assistance for a long list of entities along with similar services for clients located all around the United States. We respond to all types of disasters, thus, making the recovery process that much easier and streamlined.

Kelly & Company doesn’t just offer Nebraska disaster relief management. We can utilize our rich infrastructure of mobile housing and on-site management solutions to aid companies that need to accommodate an on-site workforce.

Whether this comes in the form of a long-term construction project or oil companies that need their crews out in the oil fields, we provide the solutions needed to support your workers and make sure they have everything they need while they are on location taking care of business.

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Learn more about our Nebraska disaster relief assistance by contacting our staff. We can get a plan in place that meets your specific needs and demands.

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