Coordinating Nebraska disaster relief mobile housing may seem like an overwhelming task. Most municipal leaders are concerned with the everyday needs of their citizens — and, though they plan for emergencies, they need help to make sure that their residents are cared for in an emergency.

Smart municipalities plan with Kelly & Company for disaster relief mobile housing in Nebraska well in advance of an emergency. Our company can provide you with Nebraska workforce mobile housing to house emergency staff members as they help a community pick up the pieces. Our workforce mobile housing in Nebraska is comfortable, climate-controlled, and cost-effective.

With additional services including shower units, laundry and mobile communications support, Kelly & Company is your best choice for help during any natural disaster. We’re also effective for companies and organizations that simply require the logistics of mobile housing to house workers.

Nebraska disaster relief mobile housing is all about logistics

Response time is critical when it comes to disaster relief mobile housing in Nebraska. Your community members and relief workers cannot be left without a safe, comfortable place to sleep.

Kelly & Company has the capability to provide Nebraska disaster relief housing in record speed — in some cases, we have arrived in just two hours. No other company provides this level of reliable mobile housing in Nebraska for victims of natural disasters. Kelly & Company has mobilized for events including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Ice storms
  • Flooding
  • Man-made disasters like oil spills
  • And many others

We can rapidly assemble and deploy a “city” designed to hold as many as 3,000 people in just hours. Conveniently located right here in the Midwest, our Nebraska disaster relief mobile housing is ideally positioned for rapid response. Our logistical team’s expertise allows us to effortlessly support multiple clients throughout a region without strain on our resources. Get the peace of mind you need and deserve by contacting our disaster relief company today. We can’t wait to get started on a custom plan with you.

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