In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey flood relief assistance was a life or death necessity and we were there to serve. Kelly & Company First Responders answered the call when New Jersey flood disaster management was needed the most.

When disaster strikes, it is hard to know what comes first in repair and clean up during a chaotic, confusing scene. Rescue and recovery has to go on at the same time as obtaining clean water and fresh food. Kelly & Company can assist organizations and government entities during these crucial scenarios.

Kelly & Company’s flood relief assistance in New Jersey has the capability of putting together a 3,000-person mobile city within hours of receiving the call. Here are a few of the immediate needs Kelly & Company flood relief management in New Jersey can alleviate:

Communication and cleanliness

Hand washing stations, potable water and portable bathrooms arrive on the scene to care for some of the most pressing needs. When there is flood damage, finding water to drink quickly is crucial for everyone.

For communication, Kelly & Company’s New Jersey flood relief assistance is on hand with a mobile satellite internet antenna as well as a mobile cell phone tower so that information of all sorts can flow again.

Housing and power

Kelly & Company’s flood disaster management in New Jersey is ready to help you get back to work and rebuilding. To that end, we can deploy job-site housing strategically designed to handle multiple employees. Search and rescue, construction, demolition — all these crews will need quarters and our housing sites have the flexibility of design to handle your needs.

Our flood relief management in New Jersey can get you powered up. Generators and mobile power plants are ready to go to charge your gear and shed some light. Portable sleeping units, portable showers, water tankers — all these and more to support and sustain your workforce and operation. Trust Kelly & Company’s New Jersey flood disaster management to get your people housed and ready for recovery.

Kelly & Company’s New Jersey flood relief assistance complies with all OSHA regulations and stays up to date with all safety issues. We want to make sure your workers stay safe the job.

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