When we talk about North Carolina hurricane relief, we’re not talking about hockey!  Rising sea levels put North Carolina at greater risk during hurricanes, particularly along the outer banks and capes.

There have been storm surges that put islands on the Outer Banks completely underwater.   Did you know that North Carolina is ranked fourth in the nation for the most hurricane-strength winds right after Florida, Texas and Louisiana?  The effects of these hurricane winds can reach all the way into the western portion of the state, causing flooding and landslides.

Let Kelly & Company First Responders provide your North Carolina hurricane emergency supplies and help you plan for your hurricane relief in North Carolina.

“Powering” your relief effort

One of the most helpful pieces Kelly & Company can provide in North Carolina hurricane emergency supplies is a way to restore power for your workers.

This often takes the utility companies days after a catastrophic storm. Our team can get power stations and generators in place to get lights back on and provide critical device charging stations. People obviously feel “powerless” when disconnected and in the dark.  Once power is available, our team of North Carolina hurricane relief specialists can recommend ways to reopen the avenues of communication that are so important to emergency workers and family members searching for missing people.

A strong tradition of hurricane relief

One of our hurricane emergency relief North Carolina team goals is to prevent indirect death and illness. Illnesses are exacerbated by unsanitary conditions. Flooding problems, becoming trapped in debris, even landslides can prove hazardous to people and buildings.  Let us bring the North Carolina hurricane emergency supplies your businesses and community need to halt the damage and get to recovery as quickly as possible.

At Kelly & Company, we’re proud of our history of providing North Carolina hurricane relief. We have been providing operations and infrastructure support since 2004. We have the equipment, technology, personnel and the experience to run the front lines of your hurricane recovery. See what Kelly & Company can do for you. Browse our website and take a closer look at our services!

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