Did you know that North Dakota disaster relief mobile housing has so many more applications than just emergency response? Disaster relief mobile housing in North Dakota can be used by construction companies and others who are looking to rebuild in affected areas — but they are also ideal for out-of-the-way construction sites and oil crews.

North Dakota workforce mobile housing allows you to keep your team on-site instead of having to haul them in from a distance. This means savings for your organization and workers — and it means additional efficiencies for your entire team. When you choose Kelly & Company for your workforce mobile housing in North Dakota, you are selecting the most reliable option for your modular housing needs.

We have been providing disaster-relief and temporary housing services since 2004, making us the trusted option for Midwestern communities for more than a decade.

How North Dakota disaster relief mobile housing works

Disaster relief mobile housing in North Dakota is easier to set up when you choose Kelly & Company. Our team of logistics professionals can establish an encampment of 3,000 people in as little time as a few hours.

Kelly & Company has a track record of assisting in difficult situations and remote locations. We have assisted with ice storms in the Midwest, hurricanes on the East Coast and Gulf South, and tornadoes and floods nationwide. Our comprehensive North Dakota disaster relief housing provides construction crews and workers with:

  • Comfortable, tidy sleeping berths
  • Shower and toilet facilities
  • Laundry trailers
  • Command centers
  • Recreation facilities and large tents for mess halls, etc.
  • Communications support
  • And a variety of other benefits

Mobile housing in North Dakota has never been so simple. Contact Kelly & Company today to get started with your North Dakota disaster relief mobile housing contract. We can’t wait to help you establish the best plan for your business or municipality.

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