Emergency workers that respond to disasters are able to work more effectively when they have the necessary resources and support, which is why Oklahoma disaster relief assistance is so vital.

Here at Kelly & Company, we work with companies and government entities to provide Oklahoma disaster relief management that comes in the form of mobile housing solutions and on-site management services.

Here in Oklahoma, our population must always be on high alert for tornados and similar storm-related disasters that can inflict significant damage. On the heels of these, and other natural or man-made disasters, our disaster relief assistance in Oklahoma will respond to provide:

  • Housing for first responders. We can create mobile cities to accommodate up to 3,000 individuals. This includes a place to sleep, meals to eat, drinking water, shower and hygiene facilities, laundry facilities and more.
  • These housing solutions are completely self-contained. That means our Oklahoma disaster relief assistance can be effective even in areas that have been decimated by the disaster.
  • Our form of Oklahoma disaster relief management can be customized to fit the unique needs of your workforce. We have a rich infrastructure of equipment, vendors and staff to make sure that all your needs are met and that your workforce is properly supported.

While Kelly & Company specializes in disaster relief management in Oklahoma, we also work with clients who want to utilize our services and solutions in non-emergency scenarios. These are companies and organizations that need to accommodate an on-site workforce for private projects.

Contact Kelly & Company and gain peace of mind

Knowing that Kelly & Company is waiting in the wings with our Oklahoma disaster relief assistance provides a real peace of mind knowing that workers and victims will be supported the way that they need to be during a disaster. Contact the team at Kelly & Company and learn more about our valuable services.

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