When your relief workers are trying to assist those in need in the aftermath of an emergency, the last thing they need to be worried about is the quality of their Oklahoma disaster relief mobile housing.

Too often, though, municipalities do not plan properly for their natural disaster response, leaving them without disaster relief mobile housing in Oklahoma when their teams need it most. Instead of “winging it” for your Oklahoma workforce mobile housing, consider integrating Kelly & Company into your municipal emergency response plan.

Our Oklahoma disaster relief housing can support even the most intensive emergency response process. We offer access to mobile command centers, portable cell phone towers and visual communications systems to keep your scene under control and running smoothly, no matter how complex your efforts.

Our Oklahoma disaster relief mobile housing services

Most people know that folks need a place to sleep, but disaster relief mobile housing in Oklahoma is so much more than just filling bunks. You also need to think about providing your workers and victims with clean clothing, showers, hand-washing capabilities and other support services.

Workforce mobile housing in Oklahoma starts with our climate-controlled bunk units, but it surely does not end there. Our systems can support up to 3,000 people and can be set up within hours of your emergency. Mobile housing in Oklahoma from Kelly & Company includes:

  • Mobile command centers
  • Satellite internet antennas and cell phone towers
  • Pump trucks
  • Portable toilets
  • Mobile sleeping and shower units
  • And so much more!

Your community deserves the peace of mind that residents and workers will be cared for in the event of any emergency — and Kelly & Company can provide that reassurance. Our services are also highly useful for non-emergency situations. We cater to businesses and organizations that must facilitate an on-site workforce for a prolonged period of time.

Contact Kelly & Company today to learn more about our Oklahoma disaster relief mobile housing options.

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