No one plans for disaster but when it strikes, Kelly &  Company is ready for immediate deployment

Services and Capabilities

Kelly & Company can assemble a 3,000 man mobile city with necessary amenities and be completely operational within hours.  Our rapid response advantage is drastically multiplied because Kelly & Company is centrally located in the Midwest and has strategic assets placed in satellite locations for rapid response.  We can deploy and re-deploy in a matter of hours, which allows our team to move as needed with little or no downtime to our client’s operations.

Storm and Disaster Relief

Kelly & Company has been instrumental in relief efforts in some of the nations most devastating catastrophes. When disaster strikes, companies trust Kelly & Company to provide housing, amenities and support services necessary for their employees as they focus on rebuilding infrastructure.

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Ice Storms
  • Wild Fire
  • Floods
  • Man-made Disasters
Kelly Mobile Housing

Job-site Housing

Deploy and redeploy in a matter of hours

  • Flexibility for specific needs including services, site design, and equipment
  • Strategically designed to house multiple employees

Generators and Power Plants

Each generator is 60-80 KW

  • High quality Customized generators to fit specific needs and space requirements
  • Designed to meet and exceed power source expectations

Power plant includes electrical distribution center.


Mobile Command Center

Features Include:

  • Capacity for 4 computer stations
  • 15 beds
  • 2 private bathrooms with toilets and showers
  • Heating and Air conditioning
  • Self-sustaining – water, black / gray water holding tanks, and generator

Mobile Satellite Internet Antenna

First responders, construction workers, and employees all require a safe and easy way to communicate on the job site.


Mobile Cell Phone Tower

A wide variety of innovative, efficient and flexible options to meet customer’s temporary, long-term and emergency communications needs.


Visual Communication System

80” all-weather TV monitor for visual communication. Commonly used for daily company updates and important safety meetings.


Potable Water Tankers

Each unit with 6,200 gallon storage/transport capacity. Stainless steel construction.


Hand Wash Stations

Portable hand sanitation. Units are double or quadruple configurations.


Fork Lift and Skid Steers

Used for removal of gray / black water. We have the equipment necessary to quickly move and configure the mobile city for the specific needs of our clients.


Big – Top Tents

Multiple sizes and styles are available. Common uses are guard shacks, drop points, check-in areas, recreation centers and dining halls.


Portable Toilets

Capacity to provide as many portable units as needed for specific client needs.


Pump Trucks

Quickly deployed and useful for the removal of gray or black water.


Mobile Shower Units

Each unit equipped with:

  • Up to 26 private shower units
  • interior and exterior lighting

Mobile Sleeping Units

Each unit equipped with:

  • 36 beds
  • climate control
  • interior and exterior lighting and electrical outlets

Mobile Laundry Units

Each unit equipped with:

  • Up to 18 high capacity washer/ dryer units
  • Capacity is 80,600 pounds per week

Experience & Safety Matters

Kelly & Company utilizes a professional OSHA Consulting Firm to ensure they stay up-to-date with all OSHA Regulations and Safety Issues.  All OSHA certified supervisors attend a yearly update with our OSHA consulting firm. Kelly Mobile Cities include one on-site visit by the OSHA consulting firm to assess safety concerns and assist the Safety Officer as needed. OSHA consulting firm remains on standby and will deploy in case of an actual incident.



  • Capacity to accommodate and service  100 – 3000 individuals
  • 80-100% of our seasoned on site staff have been on previous deployments
  •  10+ years of deployment experience
  • On site OSHA Certified Supervisors


Kelly & Company devotes one, dedicated Safety Officer per site location

Responsibilities of safety officers:

  • Daily Safety briefings
  • Initial incident reports
  • Ensure Safety rules are followed

All employees receive:

  • Employee Manual
  • Safety Manual
  • OSHA Safety Training Handbook – current Edition

Safety Emphasis:

  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Hep B Shots or signed waiver – before and after exposure incident
  • Medical grade nitrile gloves
  • Goggles – latrines/shower cleaning
  • Tyvek suits – Latrines
  • Face Shields – latrines
  • Sharps containers
  • Earmuffs
  • Janitorial
  • Laundry handling – needle sticks, chemical exposures
  • Generator noise abatement
  • Slip and fall
  • Lifting and use of back support devices
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Vehicle operating safety protocol
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