Trust Kelly & Company First Responders to see to your South Carolina hurricane relief needs. Our team has been in business for over a decade-and-a-half and we have the experience and training to assist organizations and communities with hurricane relief in South Carolina.

Supporting first responders and communities all around South Carolina

Who do you turn to when you need South Carolina hurricane emergency supplies for first responders or the community at large? We’ve all seen the preparation for storms and hurricanes — quickly emptied grocery stores, hardware stores full of folks buying supplies to board windows and hordes at the gas stations making sure they have a full tank.

All of this seems like a great idea and most likely will help out in the case of a crisis. Our hurricane emergency relief South Carolina staff members have great tips to help before the storm and will provide rapid response to hurricane damage once the storm has passed.

  • Purchase South Carolina hurricane emergency supplies to last more than a few days.
  • You may need more than just fresh water and packaged food. If you know you are in the path of a hurricane, there are a few things you can do for your family that will help ease the aftermath.
  • Have a “go bag” prepared with a change of clothes, a small amount of cash and copies of your important financial and identification records. Having these things on hand can be an immense help if there is hurricane devastation.
  • Other items on your South Carolina hurricane relief plan should include a meeting place in case of separation.

At Kelly & Company, hurricane relief in South Carolina means fighting a battle on many fronts. Homeowners and businesses may be dealing with sea surge and flooding. We’ve got generators and power stations to get you pumping water.

We’ve got pump trucks to help with the removal and haul away of unsanitary wastewater.  Our company has facilities for short-term shelter and longer term living quarters, cooling centers and dining tents, all with an eye to providing the quickest South Carolina hurricane relief. If your organization specializes in responding to hurricane damage, or you’re a government entity that wants to provide relief for residents, contact Kelly & Company.

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