Kelly & Company has a rich history of providing essential South Dakota disaster relief assistance for the first responders reporting to such disaster sites. If your company specializes in responding to disasters — or simply needs to accommodate an on-site workforce in a non-emergency scenario — we encourage you to consult with our team.

With our South Dakota disaster relief management, Kelly & Company provides the infrastructure and resources to:

  • House: Of course, one of the main components of facilitating an on-site crew of first responders is providing them with living quarters. Kelly & Company can quickly assemble a mobile city for up to 3,000 workers.
  • Support: On top of our mobile housing solutions, our disaster relief assistance in South Dakota includes other important on-site services, such as providing meals, showering facilities, laundry facilities and more.
  • Sustain: With our disaster relief management in South Dakota, all mobile housing solutions are completely self-contained. This means that we do not rely on any outside resources to sustain the mobile city. You can utilize our service in even the most disaster-torn areas of the state.

Kelly & Company has been providing South Dakota disaster relief assistance for over 15 years, and our team combines for decades of experience. We can work closely with you to help you custom create a logistics package that will meet the specific needs of your operation and workers.

These South Dakota disaster relief management solutions are also quick to deploy, which is very important in disaster scenarios. In many cases, we can have all the solutions up and running within a couple hours.

We invite you to consult with Kelly & Company to learn more about our South Dakota disaster relief assistance. We will get a plan in place so that chaos does not reign in the event of a disaster.

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