Texas hurricane relief is a big order for a big state. The Texas coastline is lined with industry, from the oilrigs to the tourists at the Padre Islands. You don’t know exactly what kind of hurricane emergency relief Texas is going to need, so let Kelly & Company First Responders assist you in your planning efforts.

In the last three decades, more than 70 hurricanes and tropical storms have hit the Texas coast. On average, for every 50-mile stretch of coastline, there will be one hurricane every six years. That is a small stretch of coastline for numbers like that!

You know that Texas faces severe weather on a regular basis so let’s take a look at some of the ways Kelly & Company hurricane relief in Texas can provide assistance.

Experienced personnel

Our team has been providing Texas hurricane emergency supplies for over a decade. Most of our workforce has already been on a storm relief site. Our company can provide you with a dedicated safety officer to ensure the safety of your people and businesses.

Our seasoned staff has been well trained in OSHA requirements and we have an OSHA-certified supervisor on site. You will not have to struggle with Texas hurricane relief challenges on your own. Kelly & Company First Responders are there when you need us.

The equipment and technology of a Kelly & Company mobile city

Our mobile city and Texas hurricane emergency supplies are put together for rapid deployment and flexibility. If your area is without power, we have generators and mobile power plants. If the community loses cell towers or internet infrastructure, we have mobile cell towers and satellite internet antenna.

Kelly & Company addresses your workforce’s immediate water and sanitation needs, from fresh drinking water to portable toilets and hand washing stations. We can bring in sleeping units, mobile shower stations and even laundry facilities. There are so many ways that Kelly & Company can provide Texas hurricane relief for private sector and government entities.

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