Let Kelly & Company First Responders show you how we will provide the best Virginia flood relief assistance for your organization or community.

Imagine a scenario in which you have a team of search and rescue professionals at a flood site at the same time a volunteer team is ramping up medical care along with water distribution. Mix in the displaced population and chaos can ensue. Our Virginia flood disaster management team moves in with job site housing, mobile shower units, mobile laundry facilities and portable toilets.

Trusted assistance for flood relief workers

Flood relief management in Virginia can take place in a wide range of topography. A shoreline sea surge at the head of a storm or a flooded mountain stream calls for flexibility in our mobile city set up. Kelly & Company has provided disaster relief and emergency management for over 15 years in a wide range of response scenarios. We can manage the clean up of a flood that has been contaminated by oil or chemical spills.  These situations present unique challenges that Kelly & Company’s flood disaster management in Virginia is well prepared to face.

Think about the families in local neighborhoods and how they might benefit from our Virginia flood relief assistance and care. After significant flooding, Kelly & Company can provide valuable resources to support the local population and aid first responders.

For example, a big top tent can be set up for gathering and acquiring food and water. A mobile laundry unit can be on the scene to start the process of cleaning and drying clothes and bedding. Your flood relief assistance in Virginia can include housing for health care workers and a search and rescue team. A return to normalcy begins almost immediately.

Prepare for flood scenarios with the help of Kelly & Company

Would your community or business be interested in Virginia flood disaster management that provides experienced supervision, the most up-to-date facilities and state-of-the-art mobile communication centers?  Call Kelly & Company and our Virginia flood relief assistance team and let’s put together a fail-safe plan for your community.

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